Loukas Kastrounis Taught:
Wing Chun Kung Fu from Nino Bernardo-Wong Shun Leung, Yip-Man direct Lineage 
Kali Eskrima/JKD from Nino Bernardo -Dan Inosanto 


The (HQ) Training School in Reading -Berkshire Open five days per week
Opening Times For Wing Chun: Monday to Thursday 7pm - 10pm & Saturdays 12pm - 2pm
Opening Times For Kali Eskrima /JKDMondays & Wednesdays  7pm-9pm

Training schools since 1992 in Reading Berks -United Kingdom & Greece (Crete Island). Apply Online..
It may change your life.. Wing Chun/Ving Tsun its not just a fighting system, its a system of thought.. its a way of life

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Sat 3rd & Sunday 4th March 2018 Training Seminar.

Sat 3rd March-Knife Defence & Sunday 4th March Wing Chun (Why Chi Sao) 

At Reading, Berkshire - UK with The well known world Master Loukas Kastrounis

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`The King Of Talking Hands` Wong Shun Leung is the foremost Bruce Lee teacher.
Grandmaster Wong Shun Leung was one of the four students in Hong Kong (Leung Sheung, Lok Yiu, Wong Shun Leung and Tsui Sheung Ting) considered to be closed-door student of Grand Master Yip Man.

The teaching at  Reading Academy Wing Chun & Kali Eskrima JKD  training school`s
It is neither to show off nor to teach you moves to impress and astound you with,
we leave that to others, its for those who really want to improve their skills ,or to learn better of what already may know..The Primary objective is quality of teaching 

Beginners and advanced practitioners, other martial art styles or any other Wing Chun lineages, are welcome to join our friendly Wing Chun Family


Power‬, Beauty & Youth Fade, Skills Remain

Wing Chun Kung Fu and/or Kali eskrima /JKD Martai arts is a tool for personal development and progression. It evolves with time, increases awareness, creativity and self confidence. 

Loukas Kastrounis had trained/taught police officers, special forces in England, Bodyguards, Prison officers, individual martial arts practitioners, Wing Chun teachers and teachers from other martial arts styles or systems. He had also trained door supervisors at Brighton and Reading Berkshire in United Kingdom allowing them to comply with the government regulations.

`` Wing chun/ Ving Tsun others called it's a system of reaction & based on body mechanics. 
The reactiion change from person to person & that it's ok . 
It's not a style it's a system of personal expression . The way we training and the way you fighting may not be the same "
Loukas Kastrounis 

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