Greece - Wing Chun Kuen & Kali Eskrima

Holidays & Private/intensive Training  with Master Loukas Kastrounis, in Kritsa Near Agios Nikolaos , in Crete Greece 
who is the successor of Grand Masters Yip Man, Wong Shun Leung (foremost Bruce Lee's teacher), Nino Bernardo.

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Phone : (0030) 694 085 0247

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 Θέλετε να ανακαλύψετε τον εαυτός σας και να αναπτυχθούν οι μαχητικές σας ικανότητες και η προσωπική σας (σωματική κ εγκεφαλική) ανάπτυξη με πριβέ εντατικα μαθήματα?
                                                                                                                                  Το τηλέφωνο είναι 6940850247.
                                                             Λουκάς Καστρουνής Μάστερ στο wing chun & στο Καλι Εσκριμα για αυτοάμυνα, μάχες του δρόμου και για την αποτοξίνωση του άγχους.

30 Years experience of Hong Kong authentic Wing Chun.

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Paula Kastrouni (Daughter Of Loukas Kastrounis) Boxing for Charity 





Master Loukas Kastrounis  is the first Wing Chun Greek Martial arts teacher who has been awarded with "The Hall Of Fame for Wing Chun & Martial Arts " in 2003.

Other well known Wing Chun Masters who have received the "Hall of Fame" AWARD are: Garry Lam in 2006 & Samuel Kwok in 2013.




Hi guys,

Hope you're well. Just a short message to tell you I was in Crete 2 weeks ago to visit Loukas and I truly had an amazing time.

We combined intensive training and fun. We trained nicely without having the pressure of a timetable and I gained a lot from it.The good thing about intensive training is that Loukas can focus on you and more easily spot the mistakes and guide you on where to focus your efforts. It's so nice as well to train in Crete. The landscape is awesome and people are so nice. I'm going back at the end of September and am really looking forward! 

I really encourage you to go and visit Loukas! You'll have fun and you'll improve your Wing Chun!

Again, a big Thank you to Loukas!

I hope I will be able to come to England soon as well so that I can see you all. Take care!


Hi everybody,

I will second that from Mehdi. I trained with Loukas for a week in Crete and left as Mehdi was arriving. It is such a beautiful place to train in, you really can't beat training in 37 degree heat and then unwinding in the sea afterwards!

Any chance you get, head to Crete to train with Loukas, I promise you will have a wonderful time.






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