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The European Wing Chun Association "EWCA" has been founded in April 2012 by the former students of Nino Bernardo, Loukas Kastrounis and Franco Regalzi7 to secure their lineage and reputations.

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Loukas Kastrounis & Franco Regalzi have been training, learning and completed the Wing Chun system at "The Basement" in London with Sifu Nino Bernardo and Wong Shun Leung since the `80`s. Both have been certificated and authorised by their Sifu Nino Bernardo to teach the Wing Chun Kung Fu system.
Since July 2007, Loukas & Franco have been holding seminars in England, France, Italy, Athens, Rhodes, Crete - Greece.

Loukas Kastrounis & Franco Regalzi are direct lineage of Master Wong Shun Leung.

EWCA has authorized schools in UK, Italy, Canada and Greece.

For seminars/workshops with Masters Loukas Kastrounis & Franco Regalzi
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Authorised schools of the EWCA:


Loukas Kastrounis +44 (0)7957 401 306                                 Franco Regalzi  +39 933950 46298


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Crete, Greece

Milan, Italy

European Wing Chun Association (EWCA) Est. April 2012

The European Wing Chun Association - "EWCA" is registered trade name and has all copy rights.