Greece - Kali Eskrima/JKD

Holidays & Private/Intensive training with Master Loukas Kastrounis, in Kritsa, Crete island Greece.
Loukas is the successor of Grand Masters: Dan Inosanto (foremost Bruce Lee's teacher), Nino Bernardo


Phone : 0030 694 085 0247

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Loukas has 30 Years of experience of authentic Filipino Kali Eskrima / JKD Martial Arts


“Kali Eskrima is a Filipino martial art that emphasizes stick and blade fighting.

The word "Kali" refers to a type of bladed weapon and the word "Eskrima" is derived from the Spanish esgrima (fencing).

Eskrima and Arnis de Mano are terms commonly used to refer to all of the Filipino martial arts taught in the west today. 

A common misconception is that Kali Eskrima is only a sword, stick or dagger art”

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Photo of Nino Bernardo - Loukas Kastrounis in 1998

DSCF0013Kali Sticks with Loukas Kastrounis and Dan CreswellKali Seminar With Loukas Kastrounis