Yip Man

Yip Man (1894-1972)


yip man with his students



Yip Man was a native of Namhoi Country of Kwangtung Provice. He lived in Futshan, one of the four most famous towns of Southern China. Futshan is regarded as the place of origin of Chinese Kung-Fu

Yip Man began studying Wing Chun at the age of nine after he was admitted as a student by Chan Wah Shun. From then on he became Chan Wah Shun`s youngest disciple. He was in fact the last disciple admitted by Chan Wah Shun.

From the above description, it becomes clear that Chan Wah Shun did not make any mistake in accepting Yip Man, and his success afterwards was due to his master's un-reserved teaching and of course the dedication and effort he put into his studies. His success in his career was not merely a matter of good fortune.

His teacher died when Yip Man was thirteen years old. During his last minutes Chan said to his disciple Ng Chung So "Yip Man is a clever boy and more gifted than the other boys".

Yip Man continued his studies under the guidance of Si-Hing (senior) Ng Chung So, Yuen Kay Shan and Yiu Choi.

After two years he left and went to Hong Kong. On one occasion he was introduced to Leung Bik, the son of Leung Jan (the Si-Fu of Chan Wah Shun) and there he furthered his studies under Leung Bik.

Yip Man always said he received a good foundation in Wing Chun from his teacher Chan Wah Shun and sophisticated techniques from Leung Bik.

In 1949 he set up a Wing Chun Kwoon (school) in Hong Kong and admitted students. During the following thirty years he worked as a martial arts teacher and so far has produced more than five hundred thousand students, who helped spread to Wing Chun to all corners of the globe.

Amongst the students of Yip Man, Wong Shun Leung was one of the most well known and also stayed with his Si-Fu up to his dying days.