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Phone: 07957401306
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Reading Kwoon (HQ) SafeStore, Cow Lane
Caversham, Reading

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Open five days a week for training

Opening Times For Wing Chun: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7pm - 10pm & Saturdays 12pm - 2pm                     

Opening Times For Kali Eskrima: Monday and Wednesday 7pm - 9pm


The Reading Academy's instructors in United Kingdom are:
Nick Ratcliffe, Dan Creswell,Haiko Solakian, Rob Hilton  at Reading Kwoon HQ Berkshire, 
Thanks to the instructors of Reading Academy who continue teaching the Lineage of Yip-Man , Wong Shun Leung -Nino Bernardo -Loukas Kastrounis.

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For Reading Kwoon information/directions, please contact the instructors: 

Name: Haiko Solakian
Email: haiko36@hotmail.com
Mobile: 07513684003


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Dan Creswell started Wing Chun in 1999 has completed the Wing Chun system in 2009 with Loukas Kastrounis, has been training & attended the seminars at "The Basement" of sifu Nino Bernardo  - Wong Shun Leung lineage - and he is the main instructor and successor of Loukas Kastrounis of the Reading Kwoon. Dan is instructing Wing Chun & Kali Eskrima Classes at the Reading Kwoon on the open hours of the Reading Kwoon    Nick Ratcliffe is one of the first student of Loukas Kastrounis. He is the oldest/senior student of the Reading Academy Wing Chun schools since 1995. He started training at the first school of Loukas (The Garage). Nick has completed the Entire system with Loukas Kastrounis in 2012. Nick has been training & attended many seminars at "The Basement" of sifu Nino Bernardo  - Wong Shun Leung lineage - and he is teaching Wing Chun at  the Reading Kwoon in Berkshire.


The Reading Kwoon is the main school of Loukas Kastrounis - Reading Academy Wing Chun & Kali Eskrima Schools "EWCA" -
Loukas Kastrounis is holding training classes, private lessons & seminars/courses at the Reading Kwoon.

quotes bruce

Quotes by Bruce Lee

My thoughts of Wing Chun & history facts.

The Above photos are:
Photos of Loukas Kastrounis on Kosmos TV Channel, Wong Shun Leung with Bruce Lee at the scenes of the film Enter the Dragon, Wong Shun Leung, Nino Bernardo, The Basement students group photo, Reading Academy group photo, Nino Bernardo, Franco Regalzi with Loukas Kastrounis.


When I started training with Nino Bernardo -Wong Shun Leung in 1984, I knew nothing of Wong Shun Leung reputation. I didn´t know that SiKong Wong was a famous street-fighter. I didn´t know that Wong had been Bruce Lee´s main kung fu instructor. I´m pleased about this now, because my ignorance meant that I was able to listen to my Sifu `s of what they were saying without any preconceived ideas.

Obviously, most of my sifu´s teaching was about fighting. He & Wong certainly wasn´t a monk`s and they didn’t meditate. Instead, they used to talk about using fear, anger and control the frustration to win fights. Nino & Wong Shun Leung were very domineering and direct  on chi sao, which they used as a tool to read the character of others, to develop entries and to cope with the intense stress of fighting. Many people have only heard of this side of Sifu Nino & Sikong Wong.

However, as a student who trained regularly with my sifu over a long period of years (22 in total including private training sessions one to one for 2 consisted years ) , I also picked up on certain undercurrents. For example, although Nino wouldn´t try and develop the personalities and characters of his students, he took great pleasure in observing how they developed and changed through training in Wing Chun. During my time in his kwoon -"The Basement" in London, my own friends noticed my personality had improving. I have since learnt to classify this as one of the positive side effects of learning Wing Chun.

When I opened the Reading Academy in Reading in 1992, one of the most difficult things that I found was the way that Western students would ask for in-depth explanations of what they were meant to be doing, rather than just doing it. In Hong Kong, asking questions like that would have been disrespectful. However, I was a new instructor, so I had to adapt. I began searching for ways of describing Wing Chun in a way that my students would understand.
It was during this period of intense study that I began to think of chi sao (sticky hands) as a fight-like game that helps practitioners develop certain side-effects. As I have mentioned previous in my teaching , chi-sau using both hemispheres of the brain, developing awareness of our bodies, improving our skills in other areas and developing ruthless intelligence. Another side effect involves trying to read the mind or character of another practitioner through physical contact with them. As I went further along this road, I began to think of the system as a whole as a clever self-development tool that can be used by fighters and others to develop and sharpen certain attributes.

In my teaching I emphasised the fighting aspects as well the self-development side and I do promote the fighting aspects of the system. There have been times in my life when I have chosen to fight. 
However, I´m not proud of that but I had no choice due to my work environment (Worked for many Years in the night Club/discotheques as a general manager and supervisor of the door staff).

I strongly believe that violence is stupid, negative behaviour.
Although some might say that this outlook is a new way of looking at Wing Chun but it is not , just new "Masters" have change things in order to sale to innocent & naive people.
How different is this interpretation from what I was taught? No Different at all & that is Loukas Kastrounis Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu. 
In fighting, there should be almost no indication that a fighter trains in Wing Chun because the movements and footwork should be as natural as possible. In truth, there are no styles in a fight. There is only good bio-mechanics and bad bio-mechanics. It should come as no surprise, that all accomplished fighters move in similar ways.

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