Kali Eskrima Empty Hands Training

 The Kali Eskrima system also includes concurrent empty hands concepts and training.


Boxing, Trapping & Locks


It is a very common misconception to believe that Kali Eskrima is a system that only involves weapons, such as single or double sticks, dagger, etc. However, once you have progressed to the stage of being able to command the sticks and have learnt to use the stick and dagger comfortably then you start to move into other interesting areas of the Kali system such as empty hands training. This includes: the boxing range, trapping range, arm/hand locks, and finally the locks flow.


All are very efficient, effective and mainly focused on economy of motion, the efficient use of body mechanics, and a continuity in the move from boxing/kicking range to trapping or locks range.


For every technique, there is a counter, for every counter, there is another counter and a flow from one technique to another that fits in with any opponent or style.

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Remember that there is no referee on the street! Either you go home or you wait for the ambulance.


The boxing skills are trained in the air first, practising shadow boxing in order to develop speed, the ability to use the correct structure, and the ability to transfer your body weight into your fists. Focus mats and heavy bag work are essential tools afterwards. Boxing is good providing that you keep your opponent at a range but if, for example, you have to face a wrestler then you must adapt and may need to go into the locks range until you find yourself at striking range again.


Kali Eskrima seminar in November 2011 at High Wycombe school


The Kali lock-flow (hands/head/leg locks) is effective but the locks must only be used when they are practical and applicable...without looking for them or insisting upon them.


The flow occurs when you attempt a lock and your opponent resists. That gives you energy to flow or go with their movement into another possible lock, trapping, or a strike.


When you are able to combine and flow from the boxing range to kicking range, or to locks and trapping hand/leg range, then your body becomes a superior fighting machine. Kali is an efficient practical system suitable for everyone. What you learn today can be used today.


But make no mistake, it requires a lot of practice in order to survive when you are dealing with a physical assault involving weapons.


Remember it is not important to know the technique but to flow with the technique.