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The unbroken rules of martial arts!! Don't practice Martial Arts to be a Thug!! Avoid to learn Martial Arts by anyone who is teaching you to be a thug!!
A Wing Chun Practitioner, who only fights is just a fighter.
A Wing Chun Practitioner, who only poses well in forms and does not know the applications, is just a performer.
A Wing Chun Practitioner, who only lectures about theories of Wing Chun and does not practice them, is just an actor.
A Wing Chun practitioner, who knows, applies, and lectures on Wing Chun,
But does not find enjoyment of life from practicing Wing Chun, is inept.
A Real Wing Chun practitioner is one who knows, applies, and lectures on Wing Chun
while deriving enjoyment of life and fulfillment of soul from the practice of Wing Chun.


Loukas Kastrounis the Founder of Reading Academy schools and "European Wing Chun Association" 

The Reading Academy Wing Chun & Kali Eskrima / JKD, in Reading - Berkshire in UK & Crete island, Greece
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Contact details: Loukas Kastrounis
Phone: 07957401306

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lucas112966138 10153868290191141 721991586 nnino letter Letter/approval of his Sifu Nino Bernardo.
"Loukas studied/completed the Chinese Wing Chun Kung Fu & Kali Eskrima/JKD under the personal guide of Sifu Nino Bernardo - Wong Shun Leung at "The Basement in London"
Nino was one of only a handful of students to compete the Wing Chun system in Hong Kong with the late Wong Shun Leung, the foremost instructor of Bruce Lee. Since December 2008, Loukas Kastrounis and the Reading Academy Schools are no longer training or associating with Sifu Nino Bernardo, who had retired and lives in Ibiza.


The Reading Academy training schools, under the supervision of Sifu Loukas Kastrounis, has produced good Wing Chun / Kali instructors since 1992, every one of whom helps and assists Loukas at the Reading School (Kwoon).

For many years the Reading Academy instructors have had personal training with Loukas Kastrounis and have attended Nino Bernardo training sessions and seminars.

We encourage and hope that more of our students will soon be capable of achieving this honor and become instructors of the Wing Chun or Kali systems at the Reading Academy Wing Chun/EWCA and to spread the ethos of good Wing Chun & Kali Eskrima around the world.


The Reading Academy's instructors in United Kingdom are: Nick Ratcliffe, Dan Creswell, John Turner & Haiko Solakian at Reading Kwoon HQ Berkshire.
Thanks to the instructors of Reading Academy who continue teaching the Lineage of Yip-Man, Wong Shun Leung -Nino Bernardo - Loukas Kastrounis.


The students of the Reading School (Kwoon) range from senior students who started training the system with Loukas back in 1995 right through to new comers.

Loukas accepts good, dedicated, enthusiastic new students, and/or advance practitioners who are interested in learning the Wing Chun and/or Kali Eskrima systems at the European wing chun Association - Reading Academy of Wing Chun & Kali schools 

Over the years, Loukas has witnessed much admirable progress among his students and seasoned martial artists from various disciplines who have come to improve their skills by training at the HQ Reading School (Kwoon) and in other authorised Reading Academy Wing Chun & Kali schools.

Loukas believes that the success of his schools is due to his unique learning experience inherited from his Sifu and "The Basement" in London.

The Lineage of Loukas Kastrounis "EWCA"- Reading Academy of Wing Chun & Kali Schools


The Reading School (Kwoon) HQ in Berkshire, is the main school of the Reading Academy, opens five days a week for training.

  • Visits by appointment ONLY please.
  • To arrange an appointment / trial lesson at the Reading Academy wing chun schools , please apply online.
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Training at the Reading Academy Schools

Before you begin training, take the time to find out if the Wing Chun and/or Kali system is what you want to study and if the background of the teacher and the school match with what you are looking for.

The only requirement for training at the Reading Academy is enthusiasm, attending regularly for training, and having fun with a desire to learn. Training clothes are casual (no special uniform or shoes) and the classes are for adults only. There are no short cuts - two people may start at the same time, but it's unlikely they will finish at the same time - each individual defines their own progress.

Other systems/schools have gradings but the Reading Academy Schools do not. The Wing Chun system has a logical progression. The aim is to learn/complete the entire system without fancy belts or uniforms. Founders of the Wing Chun system, Leung Jan, Leung Bik, Yip Man, Wong Shun Leung, Bruce Lee and Nino Bernardo did/do not have gradings or belts and neither does Loukas Kastrounis nor his students.

Be patient as you have fun; learn while you cultivate your understanding.


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Master Loukas Kastrounis

instructor-dan zz

Sifu Dan Creswell - Reading Kwoon, Berkshire, UK


Sifu Nick Ratcliffe - Reading Kwoon, Berkshire, UK


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Authorised Instructors of Reading Academy in UK

Authorised Instructors:
Sifu Dan Creswell
Sifu Nick Ratcliffe
Instructor Haiko Solakian
Assistant Instructor Rob Hilton


Nowadays inexperienced Wing Chun students open Wing Chun schools, they claim well-known world Masters as their teachers & they give bad reputations to Wing Chun System in order to profit from naive, innocent people.
The European Wing Chun Association / Reading Academy & Kali schools, Loukas Kastrounis - Franco Regalzi in January 2014, in order to protect innocent newcomers into Wing Chun, from this kind of the self-claimed instructors, has published the above list with the Authorised instructors of the Reading Academy.
We hope no one is using the brand names of EWCA - Reading Academy Wing Chun & Kali, Loukas Kastrounis & Franco Regalzi.
But if his/her name it is not on the above list, has not been authorised to teach Wing Chun nor Kali Eskrima, neither to use our names for his/hers financial gains.
And he/she is NOT authorised instructor from our behalf.