Chum Kiu

Chinese Symbol - Chum Kiu



Chum Kiu is the second empty hands boxing form of the Wing Chun system and it continues the development of the Siu Lim Tao form. The concept of Chum Kiu is to close the gap between yourself and your opponent. During the Siu Lim Tao boxing 1st form, proper structures and principles are learned and subsequently carried over into the Chum Kiu form. As a result, when the positioning of the manoeuvres from the Chum Kiu and strategy are applied, the practitioner will discover the efficient results of being able to distort and manipulate the other person’s body structure.

Chum Kiu has several meanings and concepts: 'cross the bridge', 'sinking bridge' or 'searching for the bridge', and has short and long range counter/attacks, kicks, arm locks, leg traps, and double hands techniques. One of the Chum Kiu concepts is that if a bridge does not exist; create one or search for one.

Furthermore, there are many other principles and concepts, such as: mobility, entry techniques, correct body structure, the comfortability of turning the hips, the use of elbows, knees, centreline angling, and dealing with more than one opponent at the time. The upper body structure should be kept upright without leaning forward or backwards, in order to avoid damage to the lower back and spine.

The form is divided into three sections and covers stance turning (Yo Ma), steps and turning, forward motions, recovering the hands and body centre line, hand boxing techniques and kicks of the Wing Chun system.

The Chum Kiu boxing form has been designed to make you become mobile and to attack from different angles. It is an external form, unlike the Siu Lim Tao which is an internal form. The Chum Kiu form is more spectacular than Siu Lim Tao and so can easily tempt the beginner, which is something to avoid. Only when the body and hips have been correctly conditioned should you start learning the Chum Kiu form.

Rushing to learn the Chum Kiu form may do more harm than good and disturb the natural progression of the Wing Chun system and the development of the correct body mechanics.

Loukas Kastrounis' school the Reading Academy ensures that students only progress to the second form when their hips have developed so that they can turn the upper and lower body structure from the hips in a comfortable manner, as was taught by his teacher Nino Bernardo at his school the famous Basement (1984 - 2000) in London, and as Wong Shun Leung Sifu taught at his school in Hong Kong at the time.