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In October 2012 the Reading Academy opened a school in Portsmouth

Christian Bloomfield is the trainee instructor at the Portsmouth Wing Chun School.

Christian Bloomfield is representing the Reading Academy schools in Portsmouth.

Loukas Kastrounis visits the Portsmouth Wing Chun School on a regular basis to teach/advise
to supervise and monitor the progression of each individual with regular courses/seminars.

I would like to thank Krishan McLachlan at Reading Academy Portsmouth school
for starting the school in 2012 on my behalf and the Reading Academy Wing Chun schools.
He did an amazing job he and has developed good students in Portsmouth.
Due to his work commitments he has to travel for a short time and will not be able to continue his training/teaching at Portsmouth school.
The teaching and training has been transferred since 2016 to the trainee instructor Christian Bloomfield,
who has been a senior student in the Reading Academy schools
and has had personal intensive training since 2007 with Master Loukas Kastrounis.
I wish to Krishan McLachlan all the best on his business trip. I am looking forward to have him back in our team.
Congratulations to trainee instructor Christian Bloomfield for taking over the Portsmouth school.
I'm very confident for his skills and he now is my representative in Portsmouth.
I'm sure he will bring the best out of the practitioners in Portsmouth school.

Master Loukas Kastrounis © 2016


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Loukas kastrounis - Christian Bloomfield

School location:
Fratton community centre
Trafalgar Pl/Off Clive Rd,
Portsmouth PO1 5JJ

To reserve a place and attend a free trial lesson, please Apply Online or contact the instructor, 
Christian Bloomfield.

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