Reading Berks UK 2 days Martial Art Seminar 7th/8th October with Loukas Kastrounis

Strategy of Combat
Martial arts seminar on Kali Eskrima/JKD & Wing Chun Kung Fu

At Reading Berkshire with The well known world Master Loukas Kastrounis (Holder of the "Hall of Fame" award - 2003)
Open to every martial arts style. Beginners, advanced and novice practitioners - No Members welcome
An opportunity to discover different ways of self defence in combat and to react into any physical threat

Wing Chun & Kali Eskrima JKD are fighting systems. Learn, study, complete the entire systems... then it becomes your style and a way of life.

Kali Eskrima/JKD armed and unarmed intensive training Seminar
JKD / Kali Eskrima Seminar will be based on Dan Inosanto's method of teaching: Single stick fighting, boxing and grappling 
Saturday 7th October From 11 am until 3pm
Book in advance only £60.00 per person

Book in advance - discount fee for both days only £110.00


Wing Chun intensive training Seminar
Sunday 8th October 2017 From 11am until 6pm
Wing Chun Seminar will based Wong Shun Leung's method of teaching.
In-depth explanation of: the use of body mechanics, concepts - drills of the first fighting forms of Siu Nim Tao & Chum Kiu, accurate fighting skills on trapping hands, kicks, footwork
Book in advance only £90.00 per person

Cow Lane, Reading

To reserve a place send an email to :
or phone: 07957401306
Priority will give to  the advance bookings 
Limited places