"Greet what arrives, escort what leaves, and rush upon loss of contact" - Yip Man

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'Team wing chun is an awesome school' - Sarah - Reading

Elegent - Simple - Efficient - Sophisticated - Direct - Practical

Learn the sophisticated skills of chinese wing chun kuen kung fu or the Filipino weapons based martial art Kali Escrima/ Arnis for day-to-day protection, to improve health/ fitness and to be able to address your own self potential. Wing chun and Kali are both a tool for personal development. And as with continued progression comes increased awareness, creativity and self confidence.

TeamWingchun schools have been training students since 1992 and welcomes all potential, whether you have trained in another martial art style/ lineage or have absolutely no experience whatsoever. Everyone is invited to a free session and we encourage anyone interested to get in touch to do so.

Wing Chun kung Fu - Direct Lineage from Nino Bernardo, Wong Shun Leung, Ip Man

Kali Escrima/JKD - Direct Lineage from Nino Berardo, Dan Inosanto