Wing chun DVD'S

Single & Double DVD's for every Wing Chun practitioner regardless lineage or experience . Special offer only £25 each, or £100 for 5 DVD's incl. p&p
Pay by PayPal or Bank transfer, Please Send message using WhatsApp (+44)07957401306 or alternatively send an Email with your request.

Siu Lim Tao

The Dvd based on first wing
chun form & applications.

Inquisitive Hands

This DVD" is based on the
concepts of the wing chun
system with in depth

Beyond the fighting

Double DVD Disc1:
What is Wing Chun & why
Chi Sao Footwork & Strategy
Disc2: second from chum kiu -
Counter/Attack technique's-arm
Locks -Weapon Disarming.

The science of close
fighting techniques

Double DVD with all The
wing chun forms -
drills & Kali Eskrima/JKD

Drills -Technique's

Double DVD with Sifu`s
Kastrounis & Regalzi International
Wing Chun seminar in the UK.
Disc 1:Concepts-Hands drills
Technique's. Disc 2:Wing Chun
forms-Siu Nim Tao -Chum Kiu
Biu Gee & advance
forms Long Pole & Double
butterflies Knives.